Pathway To Success

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What is your career plan?

I have been striving for years to establish a successful business, with the hope of providing a better life for myself and my community. Unfortunately, my journey has been obstructed by some unfortunate mistakes, one of which was relying on unreliable social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, causing me to lose access to my business account and losing my marketing traction. Meta proved to be a letdown, as despite paying for their service, I was still blocked from accessing my account, leaving me exposed to theft, impersonation, and fraud. It’s disheartening to note that even after reaching out to their customer support, they showed no concern for my plight nor for the security of my intellectual property. But I refuse to let these setbacks prevent me from reaching my goal of running a successful business. With resilience and persistence, I’ll find new and effective ways to promote my business and achieve my aspirations, instead of being discouraged by Mark Zuckerberg’s actions that undermine my progress.


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  1. I’m sorry to hear that, Don’t give up and I wish you success in your business. ❤


    1. Mrs. Kim says:

      Thank you.

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